Monday 29 April 2019

Your best future has much to do with your self-governance and accountability

Self-management is a very hot topic.

The Morning Star Company is a great example. Here's an good article about them.

Morning Star were a case study in one of my top 21 recommended business books 'Reinventing Organizations'.

Here's my full top 21 list.

I struggle with the term self-management because I think there are too many negatives around management.

For many people management is still about command and control.

In my world management is now about processes which includes principles, practices, procedures, philosophies, as well as structures and systems.

I struggle with the term self-leadership too. Leadership is now overrated because it's been tarnished by political, religious and business leaders.

Perhaps self-leadership is appropriate and untarnished. I certainly like the work of Andrew Bryant in this area.

I also like Carol Sanford's term self-governance.

Whatever the label we are all able to compete with ourselves. We are responsible for our intentions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours/actions. We are not responsible for other people's intentions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours/actions.

Learn more about compete with yourself under Sparkenation 5 here.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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