Monday 22 April 2019

Why I'm engaging less publicly online

I think the current Australian Federal Government is dysfunctional, deceitful, incompetent, wasteful, conservative (read out of touch), bullying, ignorant, and arrogant, just to mention a few negatives.

I find nothing attractive about them. It seems to me that they are self-interested and not at all interested in what we the people actually want.

So I can't wait for the current election campaign to be over. I've already made up my mind. I'm voting for the Labor Party.

Mind you I don't find Labor at all attractive either.

It staggers me that in a both/and world our political systems still operate on either/or.

If there was an Independent person running in my electorate I would be voting for them.

Recently I've been expressing my views as civilly as I can on Twitter.

Am I doing any good? Am I positively influencing anyone? Honesty I don't know.

This has led me to rethink once again about my online engagement which overall is considerably less since my month long rest from any form of media. (It was getting less and less before then anyway primarily out of boredom).

I've come up with a question that I endeavour to answer before I post or engage online: Who is this for and is this an important for them way I can reach them?

My answer is often no which is why I am engaging less and less with the masses and focusing on people who have subscribed to my blog or who have indicated that they wish to engage privately online.

You might also be interested in my post 7 solutions to lessen the negative impact of self-interest, party politics and economics?

This is a book I found very helpful in deciding my engagement levels online.

Learn more about this book here.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

PS I'm not anti technology.

I use Zoom for example for having conversations with my clients 1:1 and in groups.

I'm currently forming a private Facebook group for my clients.

People are enjoying my short (less than 10 minutes) podcasts.

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