Wednesday 22 May 2019

Overcome These 21 Challenges And You Can Achieve Your Best Results

With the change influenced by distraction, disruption and data I've updated my list of what I see are The Top 21 Challenges Stopping You From Achieving Your Best Results in you workplace.

You can download the list and recommended actions here

1. People are distracted by what’s going on outside of the workplace. Smartphone use is the tell tale sign.

2. People are feeling overwhelmed.

3. Bosses wearing busyness as a badge of honour.

4. Bosses believing their way is the only way.

5. Saying people are your number one priority and then behaving as if they’re not.

e.g.  Profit is actually the number one priority in many workplaces. The talk is that they put people first. The walk says otherwise. There are some business owners and leaders who still don’t get that profit is a result of being good at business never a reason for being in business.

6. Unclear or undocumented decision-making process for major decisions meaning non-transparent decisions (and often poor or inappropriate decisions).

7. Majoring in minors.

8. Thinking that sending people off to a course or to take a class is all that is required to tick the learning and development box.

When there’s no follow-up after the above or no integration of the above with what is already working well for you then likely you have wasted your money and insulted your people.

9. Engaging consultants who tell you what you already know or who willingly endorse what the key influencers are saying without questioning their assumptions and premises.

10. Unheeded disruption.

11. Words on walls and/or in glossy documents that proclaim your values and yet in the halls and corridors there is obviously no agreement on the behaviours of how these values are lived.

12. There are processes in existence that make it difficult for people to bring the best version of themselves to their work. (Processes include policies, procedures, practices, philosophies, structures and systems).

13. Leadership hasn’t led to communityship.

 If there’s not an increased sense of belonging by people when leaders leave the room (physically or virtually) then leading is not up to standard.

14. Double standards.

15. Performance ratings and/or appraisals still exist despite overwhelming evidence of their lack of value.

The best time to review performance is immediately after the action. Think what the best sports coaches do. If after-action-reviews are not yet integral to work at your place then begin integrating them today.

16. Performance agreements are not documented.

17. Conversations about performance are focused on the person rather than the problem or the solution.

18. Inequality.

19. Recruiting people to put bums on seats rather than fulfill roles that have been carefully calibrated.

20. Onboarding or induction programs that fail to engage and enable people to literally hit the ground running, bringing their best to their work.

21. Poor or ineffectively considered use of resources - time, energy and money.

The great news is that all of these challenges can be overcome and in 90 days or less. The work required is to change the conversation you and your colleagues are having and then your behaviours. Shifting to new ways of being and doing is simple which rarely means easy

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

Download this post and 3 recommended actions for overcoming these challenges.

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