Friday 16 August 2019

Sustaining shared-view in seven areas of significance - part two - possibility

Listen directly to the podcast version of this post here.

This is the second in a series of seven about arguably the most powerful philosophy that I work with my clients on. I call it shared-view.

In the workplace to be remarkable we need a shared-view in what I call seven areas of significance:  reality, possibility, purpose, strategy, execution, progress, and culture.

Today we're exploring possibility. Here's Reality post and podcast.

I’ll be referencing throughout this series a short paper that I published recently about shared-view which you can download here. There's also a designated page at my website where there's short videos on each of the seven.


According to quantum physicists we live in a world of infinite possibility. I see this truth in my own life every day. i'm sure you do too. We are barely scratching the surface of what’s possible in most of our endeavours.

In last week’s post/podcast we explored how being grounded in a true picture of reality means you are ready to imagine where you can move to.

If you were to let your imagination loose right now and there were no limits on what you could achieve what changes would you make to your goals, ambitions or desires?

My guess is that at least one change would come to mind straight away.

And then reality would check in.

Now you have choices to make.

In the next 90 days what actions can you take that will lead you closer to what you're imagining?

I recommend two actions 

1) Watch and/or listen to the Seth Godin piece on possibility and enrollment. You'll find it here.

2) I recommend my Shifting from reality (what is) to Possibility (What Can Be) exercise. This will help greatly with enrollment.

You will need to have done the Appreciating what is exercise from last weeks post/podcast.

You can view this tool on page 7 of the short paper that I mentioned earlier and which you can download here.

Affirmations need actions or they become just words.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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