Wednesday 21 August 2019

The trouble for and with western leaders

Many western male leaders, most notably Trump, and closely followed by Morrison here in Australia think either/or or yours or mine whereas people like President Xi from China thinks both/and and are looking for ours, more than yours or mine.

From my observations Trump is bad for both America and the world. His trade wars being a prime example of his failure to understand how Eastern leaders think and work.

This 'Trump-Xi…. Avengers Chess – the endgame' piece by David Chin provides excellent insights.

I'm grateful to David Thomas for referencing the above article in one of his daily China Bites which I find an excellent source for understanding China and the East in general.

In a recent China Bites David highlighted the most likely event that the next person to walk on the moon will be Chinese. Vice-President Pence (just as bad if not worse than Trump in my view) in a recent address just talked about America in space and never mentioned anybody else!

Clearly Trump and Morrison and many other male Western leaders are driven by self-interest and are therefore placing their nations in a position of doing less than what is possible in our relationships with Eastern countries.

Either/or thinking and actions in your business is a recipe for disaster right? Only finding ours (shared-view) actually works.

Be remarkable.

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