Friday 2 August 2019

Meetings that actually matter part seven - 1:1 check-ins

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This is the final in a series of 7.

Here's part one about value delivery.

Here's part two about Sparkenation Conversations (every day innovation).

Here's part three about learning and development.

Here's part four Sparkenators, 21st century managers and culture champions.

Here's part five after-action-reviews.

Here's part six integrating new perceptions with what is already working well.

Here's the PDF version of all seven together. There-in are links to each of the podcasts.

Our subject today is 1:1 check-ins

I’ve learned through experience and observation that there are 5 keys to success for 1:1 check-ins:

1. Frequency and Consistency.
2. Candour, conviviality and compassion.
3. Use of focusing tools and proven techniques.
4. Location.
5. Follow-through.

Let’s take a brief look at each one:

Frequency and Consistency

Helps with creating habits.

Habits are what lead us to our best results, let alone our sense of well-being.

Fortnightly or monthly work best for me. You?

Candour, Conviviality and Compassion

Candour is a key to the success of Pixar! And everyone of the successful people I know.

Some people struggle with the bluntness of it and so I find conviviality helps. Some synonyms for convivial: friendly, genial, affable, amiable, congenial, agreeable, good-humoured, cordial, warm, sociable, outgoing, gregarious. We're all capable of these character traits when we're being the best version of ourselves.

Fred Kofman, a leader in the conscious business movement:

"Wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness, and compassion without wisdom is folly."

Use of focusing tools and proven techniques 

One-page plans previously referenced are key.

There are many techniques that you can access via a PDF that links to all my resources.


More than 50% of the 1:1 and group mentoring sessions that I conduct are away from the clients workplace.

Coffee shops, restaurants as well as places where there is privacy are popular.

People love to get away occasionally.

Neutrality of venue often helps self-expression and creativity.


As referenced in learning and development meetings podcast and blog post we know that 50% of success depends on who we become and what we do post an event.

Simply put meetings of any kind without follow-through are a waste of time, energy and money.

Everyone should leave all meetings with what they are accountable for documented and have awareness of what others are accountable for making follow-through more likely and meaningful particularly when follow-through is the norm.

There you have it 5 keys to success for 1:1 check-ins.

What changes or modifications will you make you your 1:1 check-ins?

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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