Friday 22 November 2019

The conceiving and achieving highly successful change initiatives manifesto (podcast and post)

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This is a manifesto I often embrace and help my clients to embrace too.

Please download this manifesto as a PDF.

Here's a companion podcast back on May 3rd.

The chances of failing with change initiatives are very high according to a vast amount of diverse research.

Following the 11 principles of this manifesto in your own best way will dramatically increase your chances of success.

Principle 1

You can’t manage change or people.  Stop trying to. You must lead.
Give people genuine hope, inspire them, and then enable adaptability.
A change initiative not in the context of these 3 is likely to fail.

Principle 2

Don’t speak BS and don’t take any from other people either.  Candour is the new competitive edge.

Principle 3

There are three worlds.  The world in here. That’s my world.  The world out there. That’s your world.

Then there is the world we share. Shared-view or common-ground, or third alternative is the only one that really matters in conceiving and achieving highly successful change initiatives.

Principle 4

There is nothing flashy or fake about charisma. Real charisma is your unique gifts/talents. Your real work as a leader is to bring your gifts to your work.

And your number one role: help other people unearth and unleash their gifts, and then enhance them.

Principle 5

Create with your stakeholders a compelling story about why change is essential.
It must be an authentic, relevant to stakeholders story that other people see themselves in.

Principle 6

Communication is a two-way street.  Never forget it. Sending a message isn’t communication, receiving one isn’t either. Communication has occurred when two or more people agree on what’s next.

Principle 7

Compete with yourself. You are the only one you have to beat. You are responsible for your intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions, never anyone else’s.

Principle 8


Principle 9

Celebrate what’s working and what’s not. Create an action plan 90 days at a time to keep doing what’s working and changing what’s not.

Principle 10

Culture and community. These two are joined together because feeling we belong matters. First place home, second place work.  Change initiatives must enhance belonging in both. And find third places to belong to as well, otherwise you’re living a two-dimensional life in a multi-dimensional world.

Principle 11

Change is continuous. Sustainability matters. It’s a reason and a result. Embrace continuity. Leave a legacy while you are alive.

Context, candour, common-ground, charisma, compelling story, communication,
compete with yourself, collaboration, celebration, culture and community, continuity.

Embrace these principles in your own best way and not only will you thrive on the challenges of change, you will conceive and achieve highly successful change initiatives.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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