Monday 14 June 2021

What would you add to The Wise Leaders Lexicon?

I'm currently working on Edition One of The Wise Leaders Lexicon.

Language enriches conversations which add energy to relationships which enable life at its best.

I began this journey to find better, wiser and more valuable human-centred language for workplaces with a presentation to a small group of CEO's in 1991. I declared to them that I believed management, as in managing people, was dead. In fact I told them that people management was not a very good idea in the first place. 

To say my declaration wasn't well received would be to understate. Nevertheless my career as a contrarian was unwittingly launched. I'm grateful as this continues to help me to be helpful and valuable to those who are right for me and not the masses.

I replaced people management in the 90's with this definition:

Leadership is the art of inspiring people to bring everything they are to everything they do. Management is the practice of making it simple for people to bring everything they are to everything they do.

Today, and the first words in the Wise Leaders Lexicon, my language reads:

People Leadership is seeing, sometimes unearthing, mostly magnifying and enhancing people's essence (unique personal wisdom) including your own.

Process Innovation is thinking like a rebel, radical, dissenter, disruptor, heretic, non-conformist, contrarian in always questioning the status quo (normal) and then ensuring that your processes always mean it’s simple for people to bring their essence to their work.

Processes include policies, procedures, practices, principles, philosophies, systems, structures and assumptions.

Progress Sustainability was the third piece of trilogy in my most recent book 'Heart-Leadership Become the wise leader you want to be'. Progress sustainability is the joyful craft of ensuring progress towards possibility (desired new reality, shared goal/objective/aim) is kept visible.

In conversations with members of Wise Leaders Community progress sustainability has evolved to purpose impact which is now in the lexicon. Purpose Impact is identifying and then pursuing your cause beyond profit. Progress sustainability is a consequence of doing this.

At the above link you'll see there are three ways to become a member of Wise Leaders Community. For the moment as the community builds membership at the Conversations Level is complimentary when you subscribe to Wise Leaders Newsletter. You can then participate in the conversations that I host every first and third Wednesdays.

Heart-leadership is a digitally-savvy, human-centred design approach to thriving in the modern enterprise. Heart-Leadership ensures people feel valued, live values and exchange and deliver value. Heart-Leadership begins with self harmony, then hearing your heart, asking your head, engaging your hands. All to achieve happenstance.

Wisdom of course makes The Wise Leader Lexicon. Wisdom is being true to yourself regardless of the situation.

Shared-view is a key piece of wise leaders language and philosophy. Shared-view is honouring the world in here (my view), and the world out there (other people's views), and seeking and sustaining the world we share (ours).

'Wise Leaders Seek and Sustain Shared-view (collective wisdom)' is the working title of the book I'm currently writing. 

This Wednesday the 16th June I'm exploring conversations that lead to or sustain shared-view. You can register for the 10 AM AEST session here and the 4.30 PM AEST here.

On the 24th June commencing at 4.30 PM AEST I'm conducting a 90 minute workshop on the content of my new book so far. There are five of the complimentary places left. To participate please express your interest by telephoning me on +61 418 807 898.

Change Leadership is next in the lexicon. Change leadership is following an agreed change process in order to thrive on the challenges of change and to sustain a positive momentum.

Like people management I believe change management is an oxymoron. Performance management and strategic planning are oxymorons too. In the Wise Leaders Lexicon I've replaced these with Performance Energetics and Strategic Heartistry.

Performance Energetics is sustaining high energy and flow. Sometimes our role as wise leaders is about enhancing energy, sometimes holding it, and sometimes shifting it. Performance Energetics is about attracting people, onboarding them, value delivery and exchange relationships, retaining people and wisdom, and succession. Performance Energetics is being and doing all these in ways that contribute to people feeling valued, living values and delivering and exchanging value.

Strategic Heartistry is a concept I developed with Susan Furness. Strategic Heartistry is the deliberate practice of being in rhythm with everything that makes your people and your business thrive. Strategic Heartistry is about connecting hearts, heads and hands to plans.

Processes-on-a-page is an evolution from plans-on-a-page as well as an alternative. I'm a pioneer in plans-on-a-page and still value them when in context. Processes-on-a-page is a snapshot of the rituals and routines being followed to ensure personal fulfillment and to enhance purpose impact.

Sparkenation Conversations are pivotal to all wise leaders work. Sparkenation is a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal. Sparkenation conversations by definition are candid, convivial, compassionate, conscious and compelling.

There you have it The Wise Leaders Lexicon so far. To contribute and be part of the Wise Leaders movement join our community today. Remember it's complimentary (for now) at the Conversations level. Just subscribe to the Wise Leaders Newsletter at the link.

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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