Monday 7 June 2021

Introducing the 'Become The Wise Leaders You Want To Be' bespoke process

I've created a new process for becoming the wise leaders you want to be. I have the capacity to undertake this work with five teams/peer groups this year and some vacancies if you are a one to five person professional service provider. To apply please contact me on +61 418 807 898 during business hours AEST.

The process is fully bespoke. I will undertake meticulous research with you and your team or peer group prior to commencement. 

The one minute and six seconds video below explains my key philosophy about mentoring. You're the master, I'm the mentor.

Here's an overview of each of the five conversations of the process.

1) Elevate People Leadership

People Leadership is the art of seeing, sometimes unearthing, mostly magnifying and enhancing people's essence (unique personal wisdom), including your own.

2) Embrace Process Innovation

I am a pioneer in plans-on-a-page beginning this work in the 1980's. I have recently evolved this work to processes-on-a-page which is far more powerful. Process innovation is about ensuring that all your processes mean it's simple for people to bring their essence to their work every day. This is essential particularly now that the hybrid workplace is here to stay.

In process innovation work I define innovation as changing what's normal when the status quo is no longer serving. It's imperative to understand that processes includes policies, principles, practices, procedures, philosophies, systems, structures.

3) Enhance Purpose Impact

There is no doubt whatsoever in my heart and mind that we are in the Purpose Age.

I believe there are four distinct ages in recent human history.

Firstly the Agricultural Age of 10-12000 years ago. At the end of this age the key roles were Landowners and Labourers. Power was in the hands of a few.

Then the Industrial Age that commenced 300 years ago. Key roles were Industrialists and Factory workers. Power was still in the hands of a few.

The third distinct age The Information Age, began 50 years ago. The key roles technology guru’s/experts/entrepreneurs and knowledge workers, a term created by Peter Drucker in 1959 that found its place in this age. Power was still however in the hands of a few.

The current and fourth age I call The Purpose Age. It began perhaps 30 years ago. The fall of the Berlin wall was certainly a sign of significant change.

I believe that this purpose age is an age for the foreseeable future. The key roles are Differencemakers and Insightspreneurs (people able to turn information into useable insight/s) and wisdom workers.

The really big change in this purpose age is that power is now in the hands of many.

At the moment this power is only used wisely that I can see in small pockets. What is abundantly clear is that purpose-driven leaders and organisations are outperforming the rest.

Focusing on your reason for being and your cause beyond profit results in improved individual, team and organisational performance.

4) Continuous after-action-review and integration work

I wrote about this in my recently published Heart-Leadership book. Here's a summary of what I will take you and your team through. At the end of working together you and your team will be masters of these five stages:

1) Review one action at a time and answer the following questions what happened and why? what did we learn, relearn, and unlearn? How can we be better, wiser and more valuable in applying these learnings? Who will we become? What will we do next?

2) Determine with your colleagues how your answers will be integrated with what is already working well for you.

3) Upgrade your individual, team and organisational plans and co-promises on a page accordingly.

4) Reflect new perceptions in appropriate standard operating procedures, policies and practices.

5) Upgrade learning and development materials.

5) Seek and sustain shared-view

Shared-view is a key component of my life. My wife Carol and I first used it as a way to ensure we had a united front when our children were young in the 70’s. The two circles overlapping with a squiggle in the centre was my first business logo in 1990. It was also the first process that I taught my first clients.

I first wrote about shared-view in my first book (published in 2000) Increasing Profits Without Hurting People (now out of print; central insights incorporated into future writings). 

Shared-view was a key theme in my Changing What’s Normal book (published in 2011 and republished 2020). Please download PDF version of this book.

Shared-view also a major theme of the The Appreciative Leader (published in 2016) which is a handbook I wrote for my clients. Please download PDF. 

Shared-view also referenced frequently in Heart-Leadership Become the wise leader you want to be.

I'm currently in the advanced stages of writing a book about shared-view where I extend my work in organisations to personal development and building and sustaining relationships. The seven areas of significance of this new book, and the areas I will work with you on are:

1. People feeling valued.
2. Purposes we’re aligned to.
3. Processes that enable people to be their best.
4. Principles we live by.
5. Passions worth pursuing.
6. Promises we keep.
7. Places we belong to.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post I have the capacity to undertake this process with five teams or peer groups this year. To apply please contact me on +61 418 807 898 during business hours AEST.

Our work together guarantees more people will feel valued, live values, and value exchange and delivery will be better. I explore these in the two minutes and thirty-seven seconds video below:

Everyone involved in us working together will be experiencing greater life/work harmony.

Everyone engaged will be achieving better results at less personal and business costs.

Your return on investment will be at least 10 times.

Become the wise leaders you want to be.

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