Wednesday 17 July 2013

Taking public transport is good for the environment. It can also be good for the soul.

There was a bit of a delay on the train yesterday and one commuter wasn't backward in coming forward in complaining.  I commented "At this hour it is still better than being in the car."  We had a bit of laugh together and shared war stories about peak hour traffic.

I take public transport at every opportunity because I know it is better for the environment to do so than to drive my car.  It also costs considerably less than driving, in time, energy, and money.

Taking public transport is also good for the soul.  I get a lot done in the 6 - 8 hours every week I spend on trains and trams.

I also get to observe human nature up close.  The priceless insights I glean often challenge my thinking and sometimes stir my heart.  Always the insights provide me with content and context for my work. As the old TV show used to say "there are a thousand stories in the naked city."

Have you caught the train lately?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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