Wednesday 21 August 2013

Just give me a straight answer please

The Federal Election in Australia on September 7th can't come soon enough for me. I have had enough of the sex, lies, and video tape!

I did carefully watch all the ads and interviews on TV last night to see if there was at least one occasion where a politician gave a straight answer.  Nope. I never noticed one Yes or No to any question that could have been answered such.

I noticed something else in the course of my boring evening.  It's profit season and a lot of corporate leaders talking about last years results aren't being straight either.

Are you being straight with your employees?

What do we want from our politicians, business and civic leaders? We want honesty and transparency.
We particularly want candor from our boss. It's common knowledge that more people leave their bosses than their jobs. One of the reasons is BS. We don't take being lied to kindly.

Strange as it may sound there is competitive advantage in being straight with people.

Great questions matter. Journalists asking stupid questions don't make for good conversation like Will a government lead by you guarantee a budget surplus? My answer would be I think that is a stupid question as no one in their right mind could make such a guarantee.  It is our aim.

Declare your workplace BS free. Then deliver by example. Ask great questions. Encourage everyone to ask great questions. Give straight answers. It's want we all want even if the truth hurts for awhile.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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