Monday 19 August 2013

Key discoveries I have made about people and talent enhancement - part two

This is the second of three articles about why I believe that helping your employees to feel valued, fulfilled, and loved is the biggest and best thing you can do to grow your business.

If you missed the first article, Helping your employees to feel loved, you can read it here.

Article two - Helping your employees to feel fulfilled

I love the word fulfilled because of what it means
“satisfied or happy because of fully developing one's abilities or character.”

There are some great synonyms for fulfilled as well like “realized, carry through, accomplish, execute, carry out.”

The number of employees you have who you could say the above about, I guarantee that your business results are a direct reflection.

Often when I begin change initiatives with organisations (particularly Engaged and Extraordinary assignments) I interview the leadership team and the people that report to them to get a sense of who is willing and able to change.  I end up with a rule of thumb assessment of where people are at in the following four categories:

I then dig deeper checking the vital signs of employees feeling fulfilled or not.

I am particularly interested in employee turnover and why people are leaving and staying.  I also want to know the amount of time leaders are spending trying to sought out so-called people problems. Low employee turnover is a sign employees feel fulfilled.  The less time leaders are spending trying to solve people issues is also a sign.

I then dig deeper still. I want to know what the majority of people feel and think about statements 2, 3, and 4 of the 16 statements in the Valued, Fulfilled and Loved Performance Possibility Pulse Check as follows:

*We understand the defining moments in people’s lives and help them to bring the lessons learned in these moments to their work.

*We are aware of and have continual conversations with people about what really matters to them.

*We help people identify what is special about them, their unique gifts/talents, and then make it simple for these gifts/talents to be enhanced.

If I find that less than 90% of the time people feel these statements are true, then I know that the organisation has got work to do.

If you haven’t yet completed the full pulse check please do so by clicking on the link top right of page here.  You just might be staggered at what it reveals to you.  Completing the pulse check is also an easy way to get my Changing What’s Normal book and an analysis from me with my compliments.

Once I have done my investigative work as described above I design a program with my client to close performance gaps.  The outcomes of such programs are directly and indirectly connected to increasing the number of employees who are fully alive which I detail in sparkenation 21 in my Changing What’s Normal book.

Fulfilled human beings are spiritually alive, emotionally healthy, mentally alert, physically active, and universally aware.

Imagine even just a small increase in the number of your employees feeling more alive!

Soon I will complete the triology and share my thoughts on helping your employees to feel valued.

Until then what will you do to help your people to feel more loved and more fulfilled?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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