Thursday 15 August 2013

Out foxed!

My sister-in-law lives in suburbia yet a short drive from the country.  Until recently she had a couple of chickens on her small property and a white rabbit belonging to one of her grandsons.  A fox killed the rabbit and one of the chickens and my sister-in-law also had to personally confront the fox.

Disturbed by the incident she rang the local council only to be told they couldn't help her.  They said "Yes there are a lot of foxes around lately apparently."

After a lot of messing around my sister-in-law ended up at the Environmental Protection Agency who told her "We can't help you however if you catch the fox, take it out to the country and shoot it, and skin it and bring in the head and tail we will give you $5."

You can't make this stuff up right?

In a hurry the day before yesterday my wife and I bought one of the those dinners you heat up when you get home. On the packing it says "Container and contents will be hot after heating."

If I visited your place would I find nonsense like the above going on?
Are you being out foxed?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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