Thursday 27 February 2014

Courtesy counts - perhaps more than ever

I was working on the train yesterday transferring notes from my notepad, which was placed on the seat beside me, to my computer. Seeing two women approaching I picked up the notepad to allow the two to sit opposite one another. "I am happy to sit over there so that you can continue to work comfortably." said one. I said "That will be fine. Thank You for the offer."

A simple courteous exchange between human beings.

As I got off the train, a man, a good deal younger than me who I have never met said "Courtesy counts, doesn't it?" "Perhaps more than ever." I replied.

How often have you said "Please" recently and meant it?

How often have you said "Thank You" recently and meant it?

How often recently have you been party to a simple courteous human exchange?

In a world where most people seem to have their eyes fixed on their phones, tablets or computers, courtesy counts, and I suspect more than ever.

In the scheme of things we live very short lives. Being kind and courteous is a key part of living a good life, one that really matters to others.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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