Friday 21 February 2014

If execution of your strategy isn’t going according to plan you have a culture challenge

Your strategy is sound. The challenge is in execution right?

If you are certain your strategy is sound and it’s not being executed you have a culture challenge.

Culture is the way we do things around here. If your strategy is not being executed there is confusion, disagreement or apathy about your culture.

A key way to create a culture worth belonging too is finding and maintaining a shared-view with your employees (your chief executors of your strategy) about the following:

where you are (reality)
where you're going (possibility)
why you're going there (purpose)
how you will get there (strategy)
who will do what and when (execution)
how you will know you are on track (milestones and lead measures)
how you will behave along the way (values)

The last one (values) in particular determines your culture. Your values aren’t words on walls or in annual reports, they are how you behave.

If your strategy isn’t being executed likely you are not living your values or you do not yet have a shared-view about how you will behave or one or more of the other shared-view areas above.

Be the difference you want to see in the world

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