Wednesday 22 June 2016

Everybody Matters

I've placed this book on my top 21 list here because it beautifully illustrates in very practical ways how the business of business really is caring for people and the great paradox of the unprecedented results that happen as a consequence.

Why every business isn't applying the principles of this book in their own best way is beyond me. 

The good news is that the number who do is ever increasing, and a better world is a result.

You can read my Amazon review of the book here.

Some favourite take aways:

"We think it is far more important to have a safe bus and make sure that the person driving the bus - the leader - knows how to take the people to a better place."

"Recognition and celebration are two of the most powerful tools of leadership."

" ... nearly everyone is a leader and hardly anyone is a manager ..."

" ... process must serve the people not the other way around ..."

The concept of 'responsible freedom' which has far more value than the tired old word empowerment.

"There is no greater KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that you can have that is greater than people saying they are happy and they are fulfilled."

Be remarkable.

My full recommended reading list is here.

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