Wednesday 1 June 2016

Choosing when you don't favour any of the choices

I sense apathy in Australia at the moment with 4 weeks to go before the Federal election.

I can understand it because I don't favour any of the choices and therefore it's easy to be apathetic.

I have to vote for someone in the election whom I've never met. What I'm actually voting for is a political party rather than someone I have learned from experience is trustworthy.  I don't favour this choice.

In completing an online survey today, of the two major parties I align more with Labor (the current opposition party) than Liberal/National (the current Government). Yet I don't believe the leader of Labor has the capacity to lead as much as the leader of the Liberal/Nationals.

I think the idea of an opposition in the age of collaboration is ludicrous. Yet this is the system. And so every day we have to put up with lies on all sides as everyone throws mud at everyone else.

I'd like to see us vote for a Leader who gets to choose his/her team from those who nominated and who win their local seats. No political parties for mine. This would look something like a hybrid of the American and Westminster systems. This is not a choice I or anyone else has unfortunately.

I admire all people willing to serve their nations. I have no time for what happens in reality - the system crushes the people with the best intentions and we end up with mediocrity the world over.

Such an appalling state of affairs means we fail to solve the big problems that we face as a human race.

Equally appalling is the focus on economics in politics instead of who we can become as a society.

Early in my life it seemed liked the economy was in it's rightful place - part of society. Now it seems that everything is part of the economy. As I say appalling.

Choosing when you don't favour any of the choices

So like in business sometimes, I'm faced with choosing when I don't favour any of the options.

I think it would be poor form to not vote or cast an invalid vote, so I've chosen. I'm voting for the person, and therefore by definition party, who I feel is being the best version of themselves, albeit hamstrung by a terrible system, and some colleagues driven by self-interest.

Drum roll. I'm voting for the Liberal/National Party and therefore Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister. In previous elections I've voted for the Labor Party.

Be remarkable.

PS It's a shame Mr. Turnbull isn't the Leader of the Labor Party!

PSS In gratitude for living in a country where at the end of the day, whatever the pollies do or don't do, life's pretty darn good.

PSSS In gratitude too for the millions of entrepreneurs worldwide, who despite the inadequacy of our political systems, are solving human problems through their creativity and being the best version of themselves.

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