Friday 24 June 2016

The Age of Attention

I love this video by Albert Wenger and agree with him that the emerging age is The Age of Attention.

The successful future of your business has much to do with how well you are helping your people to pay and give attention to what really matters.

Albert's short overview of history that we have gone from a scarcity of food to land to capital to attention is profound.

And Albert's book, which you can read here, contains a lot of great insights into what our future world can be, and how attainable such a world is.

How to pay and give attention to what really matters in our 24/7 world is one of the topics for our candid and convivial conversation in the next Appreciative Leader Online Accelerator which is on at 3.30 pm AEST next Monday the 27th June.

You can claim your seat for the accelerator here.

Be remarkable.

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