Monday 27 June 2016

When there's no need for managers

One of the joys of my work with my clients is seeing the before and after effects of when people let go of command and control management.

There's a place for command and control in matters of life and death e.g. your building is on fire.

In every day life though command and control management is dead.

Management in the most successful workplaces I observe is about processes. This includes policies, procedures, practices, and systems. In the very best workplaces these all mean it's simple for people to deliver value.

Delivering value as perceived by the people on the receiving end is what modern business is all about.

Delivering such value is a consequence of leadership, culture and management that means people feel valued and are living values.

What sustains the triangle above is the application of proven principles in your own best way. Such principles are the subject matter of my Monday Morning Momentum videos and associated handbooks. You can access them here.

Be remarkable.

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