Friday 17 June 2016

Measuring success by the ways we touch the lives of people

I've been mainly on light duties this week (apart from a conference presentation and a seminar for a client) due to some minor surgery and a very heavy cold (not helped I suspect by the heavy doses of stuff I took in order to clear my sinuses so that I could speak for my clients!).

In between resting and not much else I have caught up on my reading.  This blog post by Tony Schwartz a highlight.

Tony quotes Bob Chapman, who owns and runs a company called Barry-Wehmiller Companies, which has grown from a small failing business to a successful 2 billion dollar business.

Chapman says “We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”

I'm seeing more and more of these kind of statements by leading businesses.

How are you, or how could you, measure your success by how you touch the lives of people?

I'd love to know. Please emil me

Be remarkable.

PS I'm half way through the 'Everybody Matters' book referenced by Tony Schwartz and highly recommend it.

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