Wednesday 28 September 2016

Every 90 seconds, minutes, and days are crucial to your performance

The first performance enhancement tool that I co-created with my clients 25 years ago, when I began my work as a business mentor, was a one page personal and business possibility plan.

It's become known as a PPP. Go on a bit of a treasure hunt here and you'll find my personal PPP that you can download.

Since 1991 I have co-created many one page documents with my clients. They all embrace the following profound idea.

More about the power of 90 day plans or projects as Gihan Perera calls them here.

All one page documents that I co-create with my clients are focusing tools that I recommend be used in 90 minute blocks of working time. I then recommend a break. More on the value of 90 minute blocks and breaks here in a excellent post by Tony Schwartz called 'The Freedom of Boundaries.'

Finally in working on your 90 day plans/projects in 90 minute blocks, focus one moment (about 90 seconds) at a time.

Be remarkable.

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