Monday 19 September 2016

The great collaborators - Instigators and Implementers

In every manufacturing environment I've been in there's creative tension at best between the engineers (designers) and the manufacturers (builders). Often the tension is destructive, meaning delays in the building/making, and therefore deadlines are missed and costs blow out.

For the longest time this positive and negative tension has also existed between the makers and the marketers, the marketers and the sellers, and of course between sales and administration people.

In the most remarkable workplaces there's great collaboration between the people who instigate and those who implement. In such workplaces I find the following 4 minimum best practices:

1) Roles have been carefully clarified with emphasis on what value is being delivered to whom, and how such value is delivered.

2) There's a shared-view about who is accountable for what and when.

3) Leaders continually invest time and energy ensuring that there's role respect for and between both instigators and implementers.

4) Everyone is investing in ongoing mastery of 8 conversations that are crucial to remarkable performance.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

The 8 conversations crucial to remarkable performance are a critical piece of the execution sparkenation in The Appreciative Leader handbook that is now with the designers/printers and on track for publication this month.

Here's how you can get your numbered, limited edition copy.

Be remarkable.

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