Wednesday 13 June 2018

Great questions remarkable leaders often ask (complimentary ebook)

This picture and one of the comments that accompanied it caught my eye as I was completing research for the ebook below.

Computer skills should complement human skills. 

Computers are good at answers, but humans are better at questions.

Source of above.

Your thoughts?

I believe that most of the talk about AI, AR and technological advances in general need to be viewed very carefully because hype, hyperbole and just plain lies rule.

And then there's the greed factor. Many of the people creating software and technology are just greedy (and unethical and immoral) bastards driven only by self-interest.

The future in my view is about how well technology and humans work in harmony. Your thoughts?

My continuous quest is to be a better human. 

My latest ebook (pictured below) is another in my offerings to help you to be the best version of yourself in your own best way. 

Please download ebook.

Be remarkable.

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