Friday 29 June 2018

Economics that's actually good for everyone

I've just finished a study of this wonderful book.

It was on my top 21 list of books I recommend before I completed reading it!

I first recommended Kate's great work in this review of her TED talk.

On many occasions I have written about my deep desire to see economics back as part of society, rather than society being part of economics.

This book charts a very doable path to put economics back in it's place meaning an economics that's actually good for everyone whereas the current farce of a system means only 1% benefit.

The following diagram beautifully illustrates the past and the possible:
Below is Kate's full doughnut economics model:

This book is an enjoyable and inspirational read. I particularly loved how Kate tells the story of the shambles of the current financial system and what's possible by casting all the elements as players in a Shakespeare play.

Here's my top 21 recommended reading list. Glad to add Kate's book to this list:

Around the time I was writing this post I read the following in my Financial Times alert email. Who will be next?

GE booted from the Dow after more than a century

After more than a century in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the industrial conglomerate General Electric will be replaced by pharmacy chain Walgreens Boots Alliance when trading begins on June 26.

“General Electric was an original member of the DJIA in 1896 and a member continuously since 1907," said David Blitzer, chairman of the S&P Dow Jones Indices’ index committee.

"Since then the US economy has changed: consumer, finance, health care and technology companies are more prominent today and the relative importance of industrial companies is less."

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