Wednesday 27 June 2018

Performance management is a sure sign of poor leadership

A quest I have been on for more than 25 years is to get rid of performance appraisals and performance management which I believe is an oxymoron.

This great article from First Round Talent quotes Patty McCord the former Netflix employee known as the woman behind their famous culture deck.

"Humans hate two things: being lied to and being spun.

Both are manifested in the popularization of ‘performance improvement plans,’ an HR tool for blocking lawsuits and documenting bad behavior, not actually raising work standards. In McCord’s opinion, too many managers offer performance improvement plans to employees who they know will fail — either because they think it’s the law or they simply don’t want to be mean."

There's a better way. I call it performance leadership. Read more about this in my recent performance leadership essentials post.

A particular tool I use with my clients to help them to become remarkable at performance leadership is pictured below. You can download it here.

Be remarkable.

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