Friday 21 June 2019

Meetings that actually matter part one - value delivery

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This post and podcast is part one of 7 about meetings that actually matter.

Today I’m exploring value delivery meetings which follows on from last weeks podcast about value delivery structures.

Recently I published a short paper about what I consider to be the 21 core challenges that you must overcome to achieve Your Best Results At Less Human and Operating Cost. You can download this paper here.

The solution I offered in the paper was to change, modify or better your conversation convention.

A second solution is to only engage in meetings that actually matter. I believe there are 7 such meetings

I’m introducing Value delivery meetings here today and over the next 6 weeks the others which are:

Everyday Innovation (which I also call Sparkenation Conversations)
Learning and Development.
Sparkenators, 21st century managers and culture champions.
Integration of new perceptions with what is already working.
1:1 check-ins (accountability, appreciation, shared aspirations).

Value delivery meetings

In my book Remarkable Workplaces, I expand on a model that is central to all of my work. I call it the valued, values, value model. It's pictured below.

What makes workplaces remarkable? People feeling valued, living values and delivering of value.

Always begin your value delivery meeting with conversation about how well people are feeling valued and living values.

When both are at high levels the expectation is equally high levels of performance.

Flow is then crucial so next in your conversation is how well or not do processes (which includes policies, procedures, practices, philosophies and structure and systems) mean it’s simple for people to bring the best version of themselves to their work.

The previous two items on your agenda put your value delivery expectations in context. It’s useful at this point in your meeting to remind people of your shared expectations about value delivery. This assumes you’re on song with matters of shared-view.

Now share actual performance results.

Conclude your meeting with an After-action review and then a conversation about Performance Possibilities, including integrating new learnings, in the next 90 days.

Then upgrade your plans and promises on a page accordingly. Should you not yet be familiar with such plans you can download my own and a template at the bottom of this page.

The action I recommend is that you conduct your first value delivery meeting asap.

I’m often asked what is the best time frame for Value Delivery meetings and meetings in general.

There'll be more about this in the ebook that will be published on the 2nd of August 2019. My answer for now is choose an odd number of minutes with a maximum time frame of under an hour so 46 minutes say is perfect.

A key rule for all meetings that actually matter is to start and finish on time.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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