Friday 28 June 2019

Meetings that actually matter part two - sparkenation conversations (every day innovation)

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Sparkenation Conversations is a format and process that I created and use personally with my clients particularly for inspiring/imagining and creating execution plans for everyday innovation in a selected focus area.

A reminder a Sparkenation is a spark that ignites passion that leads to action 
that changes what’s normal.

A Sparkenation Conversation/meeting is a safe, high energy, candid and convivial dialogue about making change happen in one key focus area at a time.

Sparkenation conversations stir hearts, shift thinking and lead to small yet significant actions (quantum leaps) to take and a co-promises execution plan on a page. See the bottom of this page for an example of a plan on a page.

There are 24 essentials that are embedded in this process of Sparkenation Conversation/every day innovation meetings to ensure their success.

My favourite metaphor for the 24 is a high performance bicycle like the ones ridden by the top professionals.

The Wheels are Accountability and Appreciation.

The Seat and Handle Bars are Self-awareness and Awareness of Others.

The 5 gears are

Empathetic listening.
Epiphanys /defining moment.

The Chain is Shared-view in the seven areas of significance.

The Spokes in the front wheel are

Being in the room.
Enlightened self-interest.
Relationship harmony points.

The Spokes in the back wheel are 

being a Sparkenator, 21st century manager and culture champion, plus generosity.

I realise that there is a lot going on here and so I conduct regular online sessions about these 24 and the process they are contained in on a regular basis. You might bookmark my events page.

I am also available to run this session for you and those interested in your workplace as a complimentary way to introduce my work to you. Simply telephone me on +61 418 807 898 to schedule your session.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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