Monday 17 June 2019

The special, unique components of sparkenation conversations

In my 2011 published book Changing What's Normal I introduced the term Sparkenation - a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what's normal.

Since then the term has become synonymous with all my writings.

This year Sparkenation conversations have become my main methodology in my work with clients.

A Sparkenation Conversation is a safe, high energy, candid and convivial dialogue about making change happen in one key focus area at a time. Sparkenation conversations stir hearts, shift thinking and lead to small yet significant actions (quantum leaps) to take and a co-promises execution plan on a page. Learn more.

In my next first Monday online conversation on July 1st I will be exploring the 24 unique components of Sparkenation Conversations. I call them 'The Essentials'.

Will you join me in this conversation?

First Monday online conversations are complimentary for current and past clients.

For this conversation I'm waiving the $330 fee for 5 people who I haven't yet worked with. All you need to do is register here as a client for the July 1st event and I will contact you to schedule your 90 minute onboarding session. We will meet online before the July 1st event.

Be remarkable.

PS Sparkenation Conversations are one of the meetings I believe that actually matter. I'm currently writing an ebook 'Meetings That Actually Matter'. More about this and how you may be able to contribute in this Wednesday's post.

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