Friday 4 October 2019

Unplugging for best health and well-being (post and podcast)

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A year ago I took a month off from all forms of media, social and mainstream.

I learned many things including the immense value that comes from having a couple of hours extra per day to be a better human, and to better experience nature and other humans.

I learned that conversations in person and online are so much better when there isn’t a smart phone distracting or disrupting us.

I learned life is so much better with less negativity, self-interest and bias, and the bullshit (fake news, lies and propaganda) of all forms of the media.

Overall I became much more relaxed.

Since then I’ve integrated being unplugged from technology as a part of my daily life. I feel a better human.

Living a life without the constant noise of technology in the background means that my life is more peaceful and in harmony and flow.

In person with family, friends, colleagues and clients is the place to be for me. Online still has a place in my future particularly in increasing the value of my relationships with my community through technology like Zoom as well as conducting a lot of my mentoring with clients also using Zoom.

The big difference is that I’m much more deliberate in scheduling my time online. I've lost interest in algorithms and their undue influence.

Just sitting and thinking and often just sitting are more of my practice now too. I’m less distracted by technology and more distracted by life in a non shallow way.

I’ve become more valuable to the people who matter in my life.

Is being unplugged from technology a key part of your daily routines and rituals?

The great paradox of all this for me is that I am being more productive than I’ve ever been!

When was the last time you switched off from all forms of technology?

Being unplugged from technology daily is a part of the work of the Simplifier, one of 5 essential roles for seeing and bringing the best out in people, including yourself.

Simplifiers are masters at achieving results through quantum leaps, i.e. small significant shifts, and aggregating marginal gains.

Here's a pulse check for you to complete to see how you’re going in each of the 5 roles.

These are three great books that have helped me to integrate being unplugged for a part of each day. I highly recommend getting these books yourself Essentialism, Deep Work and Digital Minimalism.

The essence of being a essentialist is the concept of “less but better”.

One way that I have embraced “less but better” is to have my daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly rituals documented on one page.

Here's my one page rituals document.

I highly recommend developing your own rituals on one page as a key to being unplugged for your best health and well-being as well as living your most productive life.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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