Monday 25 May 2020

21st century, AC (after corona) Plans-on-a-page

This Thursday in a complimentary online event at 10 am AEST I'm going to help a small group of people create a plan-on-a-page live. Register here.

I'm one of the pioneers of Plan's-on-a-page. I swear by them as one of the most magnificent tools there is to help us to achieve what's important to us.

I first created a plan-on-a-page in my notebook with a trusted direct report in August 1989. I called it a Performance Possibility plan-on-a-page.

I had 24 direct reports at the time in multiple locations and 1000’s of mile apart! My deep desire was to find a way to keep everyone on the same page collectively and in individual locations.

People started calling them PPP’s and this label is still used by many of my clients today!

Plans-on-a-page or PPP’s are the very best way that I know of to

1) Invoke a great principle that I learned from the poet, author and speaker David Whyte who said “In leadership the conversation isn’t about the work, the conversation is the work.”

2) Help you and others (particularly those people to whom you have promised to deliver value) to be accountable.

3) Sustain a shared-view with your performance partners (colleagues, mentors) in areas you have agreed are significant.

4) Own your piece of  the execution quilt or jigsaw.

5) Capture in one place the quantum leaps (small yet significant shifts) you’re taking to move from current reality to possibility (your next reality!).

Here's my current plan-on-a-page:

Join me this Thursday to create yours. Register here.

Be remarkable.

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