Monday 18 May 2020

I've chosen to play the infinite game, You?

I prefer this book by James P. Carse, published in 1986, to the one pictured below by Simon Sinek that was published in 2019.

I highly recommend reading both.

I'm long done with winning and competition. Instead I'm focused on continuity and collaboration.

I still compete with myself.

I'm long past however trying to compete with other people. Friendly games of golf or chess etc etc the exception!

Life is much more joyful and enjoyable when my focus is on being the best version of me. There's no need for comparison or competition anyway of course because each of us humans is a one-of-a-kind.

The central message of these two great books:  A finite game that is played with the purpose of winning, means the game ends.

An infinite game is played with the purpose of continuing the game.

These are highly valuable insights DC (during corona) and for AC (after corona).

If the game in your business or professional practice wasn't winning or growing for growth's sake what would it be?

How would your strategy and/or your tactics be different?

Should the world go back to how it was AC (after corona) we have learned nothing and we will all be poorer spiritually, emotionally, physically, economically and universally.

Who will you be that is different, wiser or more valuable than you were BC (before corona)?

What will you do that replaces the status quo (normal) when sameness is no longer serving you, your family, your local community, and the wider world?

Be remarkable.

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