Wednesday 27 May 2020

What is your strategy for thriving AC (after corona)?

The world and all of us living in it have an opportunity approaching AC (after corona) where we can decide how we will make a bigger difference in the lives of others as well as our own life than we ever have.

It used to be that being different was the quest we were on in our businesses or professional practices. We were looking for competitive advantage.

In the new world competition will be left to games and sports. In the new world collaboration is key.

The new world is infinite, the old finite.

In the old world doing differently to others mattered. In the new world difference does matter in the sense that we must continue to celebrate diversity and our difference, yet what really matters is the difference we make.

What is your strategy for thriving AC (after corona)?

I offer 3 complimentary opportunities to help you to answer this question

1) Tomorrow I'm hosting a conversation on Zoom about plans-on-a-page and how vital they can be to difference-making. You can register here.

2) Next Tuesday the 2nd of June at 8 am AEST I'm hosting an open mike conversation about strategy. What is it? How is strategy different now than to what it has been in the past? You will leave the conversation with your strategy for your difference-making future in a sentence. Please email me to get the Zoom link

3) My colleague Susan Furness and I created an alternative to the traditional strategic planning called Strategic Heartistry. Susan is my very special guest next Wednesday 3rd at 3.30 pm AEST. We'll be exploring how Strategic Heartistry can work for you in your own best way. There's a couple of places left. You can register here.

Be remarkable.

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