Friday 1 May 2020

Being decisively human in a digitally-connected world

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When I watch, listen to or read about Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister, what I notice is someone whose best humanity is in full bloom and on display.

She is articulate, kind, compassionate, curious, empathetic just to name a few of the uniquely human skills she excels in. She provides a very stark contrast to Donald Trump.

The world needs more Jacinda Ardern’s, people who lead with heart.

One of the key reasons Susan Furness and myself co-created Strategic Heartistry was our deep feeling that the world needs an alternative to strategic planning.

Aside from the fact that strategic planning is an oxymoron what I have seen the process and the results become is decisively inhuman. We have forgotten it seems that humans execute strategy.

I once read a 178 page strategic plan and not once was the word people mentioned. There were references to human resources and that dreadful descriptor human capital, yet nothing that I would call decisively human.

We are at a unique cross-roads in human history. 

After-corona on the one hand we can go back to a world where being inhuman rules, think right wing governments, think corporations, many of whom it seems have forgotten that they don’t exist without human customers.

Or After-corona we can embrace a world that is fully human, the kind where people sing from their home balconies, deliver food to strangers, and where people volunteer to clean carry baskets at supermarkets.

The best of us humans leading and being in the majority means a marvellous world capable of restoring the earth, stopping our relentless consumerism, and avoiding the catastrophe of man-made patented viruses being let loose.

Will you be decisively human in a digitally connected world? 

If so who will you become and what will you do next?

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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