Friday 21 August 2020

14 ways to live well and work wisely

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Today’s post and podcast draws from adjustments I've made to how I live and work while researching and writing my Heart-Leadership book.

We’re all making adjustments right? 

The world will not be returning to normal. 

This is a great thing. Normal wasn’t serving us well.

The good news is that when we all focus on living well and working wisely we can build a better, fairer, kinder world.

He’s my top 14 ways to live well and work wisely:

1. Heart-focused meditation daily.

2. Plant based diet 5 days a week.

3. Daily walk, gratitude and home exercise rituals.

4. Living and Modelling Heart Qualities - love (philia), gratitude, appreciation, care, happiness, compassion, harmony, kindness.

5. No more than two Zoom sessions per day.

6. Having at least one helpful conversations with a client, colleague, or candidate every week day.

7. Working in 90 minute blocks and then taking a break to re-energise.

8. Giving value via online courses and resources via blog which is now Read (Monday’s), Watch and Read (Wednesdays), Listen and Read (Friday’s).

9. Hosting one-of-a-kind Sparkenation conversations online.

10. Leading The Heart-Leadership Online Village.

11. Presenting/co-presenting board-room briefings on Heart-Leadership, Strategic Heartistry and other selected and relevant topics for leadership, CEO and other peer groups.

12. Conducting Heart-Leadership Check-ups.

13. Facilitating Heart-Leadership and Strategic Heartistry programs.

14. Working equivalent to 10 days per month (Feb - Nov); 4 days per month for fee and the rest as above.

In creating your very own ways to live well and work wisely what would you include?

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.


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