Monday 31 August 2020

Leaders don't always know best. They do know who to rely on for what's best

One of the things about politicians that I detest is that many of them think they know best despite a pile of evidence to the contrary.

Thankfully some who deny the overwhelming advice from people who know about climate change are paying more attention to health experts DC (during corona). There's some notable exceptions of course!

Who do you rely on for advice? 

When people come to you asking questions do you answer them honestly? Do you say "I don't know", when you don't?

Social media is dominated by opinions and those for and against. Very little of it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Who are you paying attention to?

We need less pontificating and posturing in our world and more genuine focus on the needs of people and the best, proven ways to meet these needs.

You may know best about some things. Mostly however you need other people you can rely on for what's best.

Who will you become?
What will you do next?

One way forward is to embrace Heart-Leadership in your own best way. The heart knows. The head lies. Learn more.

Be remarkable.


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