Friday 14 August 2020

Compete with yourself, collaborate with everyone else

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Today’s post and podcast draws material from the Progress sustainability Sparkenation in my Heart-Leadership book.

In times of uncertainty or crisis, fear often emerges and some people revert to the old command and control behaviour, or take action that is only in their best interests.

The rush on toilet paper and then other products DC (during corona) is a perfect example of fear and self-interest driven behaviour.

I encourage you to lean in to yourself. Compete with yourself. Seek to collaborate with everyone else.

My online course Relationships, Reasons and Routines Guarantee Results may help you. This short course consists of five videos (total viewing time 46 minutes and 38 seconds) and a short workbook. Begin this course from here.

Here’s some of the inspirations, insights, ideas and actions from this course.

You're accountable for your intentions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours and actions. You're not accountable for anyone else's. 

What other people do or don't do is none of your business. 

This is sometimes difficult to grasp and accept. Doing so is essential to being the best version of you.

We are all doing our best. One of my all time favourite conversations about this concept is between Russell Brand and Brene Brown. Listen/watch yourself here.

Take this Compete With Yourself Action often. You can apply it to any area of your life.

1. Describe an outcome/circumstance you want to improve in your life/work. 

2. Then list how you can change or modify your behaviour, your thoughts, your feelings, your intentions, in relation to what you want to improve. These are the key processes that lead to a change of outcome or circumstance.

Take this collaborate with everyone else action. You can apply in to any relationship in your life.

 1. Detail a relationship you want to improve in your life/work. 

2. Then list how you can change or modify your commitment, your finding common ground, how you make connection, the regularity and kind of contact you have with the person you want to improve your relationship with. These are the key processes that lead to an improved.

What's worth celebrating in your life and work? and What can be better?

I've been asking myself these two questions every day for more than 40 years.

I believe they're two very powerful questions because they ensure I began every day grateful and focused.

Try the above yourself for at least a month. It will help you to ensure that this year is your best year yet. Maybe this will become a life-long habit!

For more than a quarter of a century these two questions have been the foundational performance energetic conversations by my clients. Several clients began their team meetings with answers to these questions.

These two questions are critical in the quest of competing with yourself and collaborating with everyone else.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.


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