Wednesday 9 September 2020

Transparency is a sign of real leadership

There are a lot of fake leaders masquerading as real ones today. 

Lack of transparency is one way of spotting a fake. Sadly many political, religious and business leaders are not transparent. Some are blatantly so for all the wrong reasons! 

Transparency is letting us know that what you promised us is in jeopardy, whatever the reasons.

Transparency is not telling us you have a plan, it’s sharing your plan with us and showing how our input has been taken into account.

Transparency is showing us how you arrived at your decisions. Even if we disagree with your decision we are much more likely to help you when we can see the process of how you arrived at your decision.

In my Heart-Leadership book I share this model for making decisions

Also in the Heart-Leadership book I share the following:

The right decisions made at the right time by the people in the best position to make them is what everybody wants right?

In reality at least half the decisions made by business people are not the best decisions that could be made. 

These were the findings of two decades of research by Dr Paul Nutt of Ohio State University and involving hundreds of organisations. The research found that there are three key reasons why 50% of decisions fail:

1)  “1/3 driven by ego.
2) nearly 2/3 of executives never explore alternatives once they make up their mind.

 3) 80% of managers push their decisions through by persuasion or edict and not by the value of their idea.”

Ego is a sign of fake leadership. So is not exploring alternatives. And not basing decisions on the vale of an idea is unforgivable.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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