Tuesday 18 June 2013

9 keys reasons why traditional performance appraisals/performance reviews fail miserably and what to do about

#1. There is a lack of genuine communication about performance. What’s normal is one-way information sharing, box ticking, and completing forms.

#2. There is a lack of alignment and currency between formal reviews and informal conversations about performance.

#3. Appreciating people when they do well and helping them to be accountable when performance doesn’t meet agreed expectations is absent.

#4. There is a lack of candor and authenticity in conversations about performance.

#5. Clarity or shared-view is absent particularly concerning performance standards.

#6. Employees don’t feel valued, fulfilled and loved and therefore discussion about performance is seen as a means to a business result rather than a key part of a meaningful business relationship.

#7. Agreed behaviours that demonstrate living values are not in place and therefore values aren’t lived, they are just words on walls and in annual reports.

#8. People don’t possess a current, relevant document that details their personal and business performance goals and tactics to achieve them.  Therefore conversations about performance can’t be focused and meaningful.

#9. Peformance is formally reviewed annually or six-monthly which is way too long in the modern world when what was relevant yesterday isn’t today.

I have made it simple for you to change what’s normal in all of the above through the Enhancing Their Gifts System.  Please take a look at the system or get in touch with me.  In very quick time one of my accredited mentors or myself can help you to change all of the above 9 reasons why traditional performance appraisals/performance reviews fail so miserably.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.


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