Saturday 8 June 2013

Self-leadership is everyone’s business

I participated in a community forum during the week where members of the public were invited to share their ideas about what to do about a number of people soon to lose their jobs as a major employer closes down and about creating a jobs vision for our city in general.

I left with three feelings
a lot of people are into blaming other people for their plight.
a lot of people think the solutions to the challenges will come from other people.
there is an expectation that the government will fund people out of their woes.

The greatest entreprenuerial revolution in history is happening right now.
Are you onboard?  Are you leading?

We can control our own destiny.  In fact we must or someone else will.

Forget about blame and shame, forget about other people coming up with solutions, forget about the government.  Get on with it yourself.  And you know what, when you take responsibility other people will, mysteriously it seems to some, put their shoulders at the wheel with you.

All change is personal first.  And all leadership starts with self.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.


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