Friday 28 June 2013

Great consistency is a key part of the customer experience

This time of the year I carry an umbrella in the bottom of my briefcase.  I have never been stopped at airport screening until this week in Melbourne.  And the security person went way over the top when my bag went through the security device with the umbrella in it.  

On the return flight to Melbourne from Sydney I thought I would avoid unnecessary delay and rudeness by taking my umbrella out of my briefcase.  The security guy said “No need mate thank you, our equipment picks them up easily.”  Same equipment, different response. Guy in Melbourne rude. Guy in Sydney pleasant.

Great consistency is a key part of the customer experience. And the future of your business may well depend on how great. 

How consistent are your policies, procedures, and actual practices?  

And do you have people being rude on your frontline (like airport and airline owners) and you aren't aware of it because no-one has checked lately?

Have you been to the frontline of your business yourself lately and experienced first-hand what your customers are experiencing?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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