Wednesday 19 June 2013

We don't need another super-hero

The best writers and film-makers tap into the psyche of humanity.  And they often accurately predict the future such as Arthur C. Clarke and Buckminster Fuller did, amongst thousands of others.

Today there are a lot of super-hero movies with yet another Superman movie coming out.  I suspect these reflect our historical desire for someone to come and save us.

We don't need another super-hero. What we need is ordinary people collaborating together to accomplish extraordinary things.  A thankfully there is evidence of this.

Our politicians and religious leaders can't save us as all the completely unnecessary conflicts in the world continue to demonstrate.  Our political systems are broken, beyond repair I suspect, because they are driven by self-interest.  Any system that says my way is the only way is flawed.

My understanding of all the great teachings is that a messiah isn't coming, we need to save ourselves from ourselves.

The super-hero you need in your life is the one-of-a-kind human being you looked at in the mirror this morning.  Time to step-up and stand-out.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

"To be who we are, and to become all that we are capable of becoming,
is the only purpose in life."
Robert Louis Stevenson

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