Sunday 31 May 2015

“As within, so without”

This Sunday's sparkenation.

Goethe was a very wise man. A piece of his wisdom that I hold dear is that what we see in the world is what we hold in our heart. Another way of saying this is the universal law of “As within, so without.”

If you want to change your world, change yourself. 

A key way to do this is through the practice of mindfulness.

For most people emotions are things that happen to us.

Mindfulness is the practice where we train ourselves to see our emotions differently. Meditation is a key.

This Strategy+Business book review suggests (and I agree) that meditation is not yet mainstream yet it is no longer on the fringe.

It’s been said that prayer is about asking, meditation is about listening!

I practice breath meditation which is one of the styles referred to by experts as focused-attention. I also practice meditation while walking.

Sleep is also a form of meditation as I was reminded in an email recently from Evan Carmichael.

I'd highly recommend you research meditation and adopt a practice that suits you. Doing so will help to see and experience your emotions differently and to detach from outcomes and what other people do or don't do.

If you practice meditation already I'd love to know your experience. Please email me

Be remarkable.

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