Sunday 3 May 2015

Change is not difficult or hard

This Sunday's sparkenation.

The cells in your body are dying and replacing themselves all the time. All change is like this. And as John Lennon famously observed

Change is a normal part of life.

There's things we can change and things we can't. We can change our intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions and behaviours anytime we choose to. All change is personal first. We cannot change other people's intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions or behaviours. We can inspire, influence and impact other people. We can allow other people to inspire, influence and impact us. Or not.

There's a plethora of stuff that says change is difficult or hard. I have a very different view. I think change is simple. What's often difficult or hard is making the decision to change.

What often makes our decision to change difficult is the feeling or expectation that others want us to change for their benefit.

A lot of people talk about change. What they really mean is everyone else changing and not them!

As a leader think about the following questions and then answer them with your actions.

Do you have expectations that other people should change and not you?

Are you co-creating an environment in your workplace where it is simple for people to make decisions to change themselves?

Does your management (policies, procedures, practices, processes, systems) mean it is simple for your people to bring their best to their work every day?

What will you do and who with when the answer is no to the previous question?

In your personal life as well as your business do you have clarity of what is and what can be and a strategy and execution plan to close the gap between the two that you're actioning daily?

There's a great little ebook here from John Kotter that will help you. The ebook is an update of Kotter's famous 8 steps to succeeding with change initiatives.

I love this from the ebook

Here's a post that will help you to remove barriers. It's the new normal in management.

Be remarkable.

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