Friday 30 October 2020

Invoking key actions of our hands

This post follows on from this post about the catalysts of the head and this post about the qualities of the heart. All are part of my Heart-Leadership work.

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Invoking key actions of your hands

The following actions are crucial to engaging your hands and those of other people.


When I made the decision to ensure that every action I take is an expression of my DNA and leaves a unique mark like my fingerprint or signature, I became much more considered about my actions.

Such expressiveness is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.


Being patient is not natural for me. Applying the science of quantum leaps i.e. small yet significant shifts, has helped me to enhance the skill over time. 

In addition as I pay greater attention to my natural heart rhythm which I have referenced is slow, I get better still. These nuances have helped me to better my sense-making in my head and be patient for the results to come naturally after I take action.

Such patience is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.


Taking less actions, indeed doing less work, means quality has come to the fore. It’s an old adage yet I find it to be true that focusing on taking quality actions is better than quantity. 

Such quality is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.


A focus on quality of course helps us in being reliable. I’m finding more and more that reliability within itself is a key to exchanging and delivering value. Of course our reliability is a key component of being trustworthy. In a decidedly digital world trust is what makes us decisively human.

Such reliability is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.


Being in the zone is the place all athletes and professional practitioners desire. For us Heart-Leaders flow is a consequence of hearing our hearts first, then thinking things through via the head catalysts, which act as a springboard for hand actions.

Such flow is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.


For many years now flexibility has been in the top echelon of what employees want from employers. Being flexible I believe is one way to stay in harmony with ourselves and other people as we do work we love in the service of people who love what we do.

Such flexibility is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.

Value delivery

The key measure of any output is determining whether or not the result was valuable as we promised or agreed it would be. Value is in the eyes of the beholder.

Such value delivery is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.


To have successful shifted away from the status quo when sameness was no longer serving is innovation. As we have explored every day innovation is desirable and imminently possible.

Such innovation is a foundation stone of Heart-Leadership.

The following is the flow of each of these eight hand actions from the eight heart qualities and the head catalysts.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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