Wednesday 7 October 2020

Our four greatest teachers

The above video is the 14th in a series as I complete the writing of my Heart-Leadership book. You can watch all videos here. All are under 5 minutes. There's also 16 podcasts, each under 10 minutes, plus 3 self-directed online courses.

The following is from my Heart-Leadership book

The Power of Performance Possibility Partners

Performance Possibility Partners are people we trust, have our best interests at heart, and who are non-judgmental of our performance.

Performance Possibility Partners can be family members, friends, mentors, coaches, advisors, anyone who is not directly involved in our work, yet has expertise to inspire, encourage, and support us.

We all need others to magnify and enhance our essence.

In particular Performance Possibility Partners are people we have chosen to be there for us as we take action and to hold us to account when our performance is less than we have agreed it will be.

The Power of Performance Possibility Peers

Performance Possibility Peers are colleagues in the same organisation as we are or are people who are on a similar path in other organisations.

In either case we form master-mind groups or peer groups (I call mine Heart-Leadership groups) as a way to share stories and make decisions about how we will change, modify or nuance our performance.

During the writing of this book I formed my latest Heart-Leadership group called The Heart-Leadership Online Village.

In this Friday's blog post and podcast I'll continue this topic of our four greatest teachers.

Be remarkable.


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