Wednesday 20 January 2021

Helping, Asking for Help, and Helpers

I have a clear sense that being the wise leader you want to be in 2021 has much to do with helping, asking for help, and being astute in who you ask.

Please also view the companion video here where I introduce the checklist (below) from my Heart-Leadership book that I use when I make calls:

Asking for Help

I suggest going first. This is what leaders do. You being vulnerable will encourage and inspire others to ask for help too.

There are to three ways that I recommend:
1) Ask for feedforward. This is a wonderful concept from Marshall Goldsmith. Learn more from him.

2) Get involved in a peer group and use the 'Hot Seat' exercise. Like some help with a format? Please give me a call.

3) Make being in the 'Hot Seat a ritual for you and members of your team.

Being astute in who you ask for help

I regard feedback as the least effective of the conversations that count. Feedforward in my view is much more valuable. I only ask for feedback from people I trust and know have my best interests at heart.

This is where being a member of a peer-group has immense value. Here's a post and podcast about peer groups.

You may be interested in applying to join the Heart-Leadership Online Village Peer Group. Learn more.

Become the wise leader you want to be.

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