Friday 1 January 2021

What change energises you?

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I’ve been contemplating change in the past week using my process pictured above. It’s something that I focus on at this time every year.

I believe all change is personal first, relationship change second and organisational change a distant third. Therefore my contemplation has been around personal and relationship change.

Personally I am very energised.

I have adjusted the rhythm of my life for health enhancing reasons. I’m working less yet achieving more. Energised is my one word for 2021 that will guide my choices and actions.

I highly recommend choosing one word. This was the subject matter for this weeks Wednesday video and associated blog post. I completed Jason Fox’s excellent online course called Becoming to arrive at energised being my one word.

I’m energised for my personal and working relationships too. From a work perspective I began calling my clients Enthusiasts instead of clients a few months ago and this change has energised them too.

The term Enthusiast for me means people who:

  • Bring their fully alive human being selves to the Heart-Leadership conversation arena.
  • Find joy in knowing and being there for other one-of-a-kinds gathered.
  • Share hard earned wisdom as well as epiphany's when they arrive.
  • Receive and give mentoring with open hearts and clear heads.
  • Delight in the success of performance possibility peers and partners.
  • Share stories other people feel themselves in.
  • Live the qualities, catalysts and actions of Heart-Leadership.
  • Ask really great questions.
  • Are implementers who also place a lot of emphasis on after-action-reviews and then integrating new learnings and perceptions with what is already working well.

I’ve contemplated change too in the sense of building and creating new pathways while making old ones obsolete.

I love the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller who said:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

I can see this happening with our financial system and perhaps politics and religion too. Of course I’m focused on what I can change, nuance or influence.

In your world what new way forward will you create that will make an old way obsolete?
What change, nuance or modification will you make to your relationships and within yourself to become the wise leader you want to be.
What will be your one word in 2021 that will guide your choices and actions?

Do Your Work.

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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