Wednesday 6 January 2021

The Wisdom of Helpful Conversations

In gratitude to Bernadette Jiwa for the concept of helpful conversations.

In Heart-Leadership Become the wise leader you want to be I wrote:

My friend and colleague and best-selling author Bernadette Jiwa reckons marketing is simply a series of ‘helpful conversations’. I love this concept.

At the beginning of 2020 I resolved never to sell in the old world way ever again. Since then I have focused on giving value (books, online courses and digital resources), demonstrating value (one-of-a-kind live online events), and living my value (having helpful conversations).

Here’s my checklist for ensuring all my conversations are helpful:

In all my helpful conversations with clients, colleagues and people interested in my work my first focus is always on other people and their circumstances, dreams, hopes and aspirations (the inner circle). 

If there’s a flow and a natural rhythm then I may explore the items in the outer circle with people. 

Helpful Conversations have become part of the three pillars of my professional practice:

For more on your practice (your way of being and doing) I highly recommend Seth Godin's book The Practice.

I'm currently writing a new book with the working title 'Weekly Wisdom For Heart-Leadership Enthusiasts'. Helpful Conversations will be one of the 52 pieces of wisdom.

Become the wise leader you want to be.

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