Friday 15 January 2021

The Pull and Promise of Peer Groups

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I belong to two peer groups. One is aptly called The Right Company.

On the website it says:

“The Right Company supports a caring cohort of business owners, freelancers and creative solopreneurs, to create the career or company that serves them as well as their customers."

In my testimonial for the group I say:

“As a freelancer or self-employed business person, where is your go-to place to have your plans questioned and your dreams challenged? And when you need a little love or a lift who is there for you?

My answer to these questions is the Right Company. It’s my online home, and through technology, we meet in person too, which puts the icing on the cake.

Places like the Right Company are extremely rare. In my 30 years as a freelancer I’ve been engaged in many groups, none have been quite like the Right Company.”

Do you belong to a right company for you?

My other peer group is my own Heart-Leadership Online Village.

It’s a special place for Heart-Leadership Enthusiasts. We gather together weekly and I also provide bespoke private mentoring for Residents.

Our purpose is to help each other to become the wise leaders we want to be. 

Maybe you’d love to join us. Learn more and get in touch with me or a Resident. 

I regard having a mentor/s and belonging to a peer group/s as the top two essentials for personal and professional growth.

Where do you belong?

Do Your Work.

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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