Sunday 4 October 2015

Give people freedom - one quantum leap at a time

Freedom is what everyone wants.

A key question is How is your business giving people (employees and customers/clients) freedom?

People want to be free from
Perceived unnecessary compliance
Bosses/leaders/managers who want to be in control
Corporations or any Institution seen as out of touch or disrespectful of individual and human rights
Being told what to do

I could make a long list.

Ask your employees and your customers/clients: What would you most love to be free from? 

Act on their answer.

My best advice is to take action one quantum leap at a time.

Be remarkable.

PS Would an online library of short, succinct client stories be valuable to you?

As is the case in the majority of my posts what I'm recommending you do has come from real world experiences with my clients. 

This post for example was inspired by a conversation with a client this week who when I asked him "How's things going?" replied "I feel like I'm in a jail trapped by a million and one things." I then asked the question that I've tried, tested, and proven and asked many, many times whenever it's been appropriate, "What would you most love to be free from?" 

What followed this week was a short conversation that led to my client to deciding on a quantum leap he could take straight away to free himself from his feelings of overwhelm.

I've been contemplating for some time about providing an online resource centre you could access with my compliments whenever you wish that would contain short, succinct stories of simple yet profound solutions to the every day challenges you're facing in your business. If you believe this would be of great value to you please say so with a comment below or if you wish to remain anonymous please email

I'll be taking whatever action responses dictate. Thank You in advance for your help.

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